Business Packages

All our clients are different... that's why we tailor a business package to suit their exact requirements.

Below are some example HR support packages:

  • Starter Package:  Our starter package is ideal for a new or small business, or a business wanting to update its employment documents.  We will customise the following documents to your business needs: Offer Letter, Employment Contract, Application Form, Personnel Record Form, Personal Details Form, Reference Letter and Questionnaire, Absence Tracker, Holiday Request Form, Holiday Tracker, Training Record, Expenses Claim Form, Sickness Self Certificate Form. Plus we will work with you to create a suitable Employee / Staff Handbook containing your Company's policies and procedures and ensure that this complies with employment legislation requirements.    
  • StarterPlus Package:  As above, plus we can provide offsite HR support, advice and guidance via telephone and email for a defined period e.g. 12 months.  You will receive free policy updates during the contract period if employment legislation changes.   
  • Retained Services Package:  We can enhance the 'Starter Package' or 'StarterPlus Package' or put in place a retained services package to provide you with onsite HR support.  This will be tailored to your requirements.  If you are a small business you may only need support one or two days a month to keep on top of HR administration and employment matters; whereas if you are a larger business or you require additional expertise to manage day-to-day HR operations, support your existing HR team, provide additional HR cover during absences, or manage and implement HR projects then a short-term or longer-term package can be created bespoke to your needs.  A retained services package can also be put in place that includes onsite and offsite support via telephone and email. 

Onsite support in the retained services packages can be used to cover activities such as: HR strategy and planning, HR management information reporting, recruitment assistance, induction, coaching Supervisors and Managers, maintaining personnel records, day-to-day HR administration, managing absence, managing discipline and grievances, and HR project management and delivery.

Other Services Options:

  • Fixed Fee:  We can assist you with interim HR projects or specific assignments.  Fixed fees will be agreed at the outset dependent upon the level of work required.
  • Pay As You Use:  Our HR consultancy and support services can be used on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.  Costs will be charged on an actual time used basis and invoiced to you fortnightly.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your business package requirements, call Gail on +44 1624 619619, +44 7624 478764 or email